What is Penji/Penji.co? Services, Pricing, and Features

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Penji website design sample

Penji is the best alternative to hiring freelancers for your ongoing graphic design work. They save your effort of searching, employing, and managing a designer and remove the risk of being overcharged.

In this blog, we’ll help you learn what is Penji, how to use Penji, and what are its services, features, and much more. So, let’s begin! 

What is Penji?

Penji is an on-demand, fully featured subscription-based graphic design software that serves small to medium businesses, agencies, startups, and enterprises. The organization was established in Camden in 2017 to provide businesses with simple, affordable, and quick graphic design assistance. 

This platform delivers end-to-end solutions with high-quality graphics and offers an image library, contact management, a graphical workflow editor, and project management all in one place. Besides, they provide a fully personalized service that addresses all your requirements without hidden contracts.

Overall, Penji has made a noteworthy impact in the graphic design market by bringing incredible modifications to the competition.

Penji – Design Samples

Penji Design Sample
Penji website Design Sample
Penji website Design Sample
Penji website Design Sample

How to Use Penji?

Some users think operating a graphic designing app, like Penji, can be tricky. Don’t worry, just convey your message to the designers, and they’ll perform their magic.

Let’s break down the procedure into four simple steps.

1. Make a Penji Design Project

Firstly, describe your creative vision by simply filling out a form with:

  • Your project name
  • Your design category
  • The target audience
  • An overview of your business/brand
  • Your desired aesthetic & color palette
  • Lastly, the type of downloaded files

Ensure to provide your description in detail to reduce unnecessary back-and-forth conversations with Penji’s professionals. Also, you can add examples or images to help the designers fine-tune their work effectively.

2. Connect with Expert Designers

Once you have submitted your request, the Penji platform will automatically transfer it to the most suitable expert from their team.

According to Penji, they hire only the top 2% of designers who successfully pass their tests. This approach tells that your project is in the right hands.  

Also, Penji understands that communication is necessary. Therefore, they ensure that your appointed designer quickly contacts you in case of any uncertainties about your project. 

3. Revise Drafts

Penji guarantees to provide the first drafts of your design within 24 to 48 hours. It may sound hard to believe, but according to other users’ reviews, Penji actually fulfills this promise. In some reviews, people have mentioned how impressed they were with the quick turnaround.

Once you have received your design draft, you can adjust it with your designer until you are satisfied. Minor changes are often done on the same day you request them, while more significant modifications may take around 24 hours to be completed. 

This flexibility allows you to refine the design according to your preferences and ensure it meets your expectations. You can also request another designer from the team if you are unhappy with your current designer’s style.

4. Download and Own Your Design

Finally, you can directly download your files after completing all revisions, including the source file and the preferred format from the online platform. 

Penji’s Program for Non-Profit Organizations

This program especially helps those willing to improve the lives of needy people. Penji’s non-profit program offers unlimited graphic design services, including marketing materials, ads, reports, logos, flyers, etc, for only $1 per month. 

Requirements for Non-Profit Organizations Program

Ensure that your company meets the following requirements: 

  1. 501(c3):

Your organization should be a registered 501(c3) non-profit.

  1. Direct Impact:

Your mission must directly serve the demographic.

  1. Proven Programs:

Currently contain ongoing programs with proven success.

Services for Non-Profit Organizations 

The eligible organizations will receive the following services:

  • Unlimited design projects (You can submit or line up as many projects as you want.)
  • Point and click revisions (You can directly mark your revisions on the design using Penji.)
  • Brand folders (This service helps you manage and organize your customers nicely with folders.) 
  • 1-2 Day turnaround (They provide high-quality designs without speed compromise. They offer 1-2 days turnaround for easy design projects and 3-4 days turnaround for complicated projects.)
  • 120+ design services (Penji is like a one-stop shop for all your requirements. They provide 120+ services with a designer available for every task.)
  • Vetted designers (Penji hires the leading 2% of all candidates to ensure you work with talented designers.)
  • Team collaboration (Penji invites your team to collaborate with their designers on marketing campaigns, client projects, or product designs.) 
  • 24/5 customer support (Their support team is always ready to assist.)
  • Money-back guarantee (You can get your money back within 30 days if you’re unsatisfied with graphic design services.) 

Penji – Subscription Plan, Features, and Services

STARTER(For SMBs and Startups) MARKETER(For Marketers seeking creative solutions)AGENCY(For Agencies that want to outsource customer projects and expand their team)
Monthly = $499Monthly = $995Monthly = $1497
Starter plan services include:

– 80+ design services
– Illustrations
– Branding
– Ad creatives
MARKETER plan services include:

– 100+ design services
– Pro Illustrations
– Branding
– Web designs
– Ad creatives
– Presentation designs
AGENCY plan services include:

– 120+ design services
– Pro Illustrations
– Branding
– Web designs
– Ad creatives
– Presentation designs
– Motion graphics
Starter plan features include:

– 1-2 days delivery
– Real-time chat
Starter plan features include:

– Same day delivery
– Real-time chat
– Dedicated team
– Talent discovery
Starter plan features include:

– Same day delivery
– Talent discovery
– Real-time chat
– Dedicated team

Penji Alternatives

Penji is undoubtedly a solid graphic design platform, but if it doesn’t match your design conditions or budget, then consider exploring the following alternatives:

  1. Kimp 
  2. Design Pickle
  3. Manypixels
  4. Flocksy
  5. 99designs
  6. SuperSide
  7. Smartsites
  8. Kapa99
  9. Graphically

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Is Penji the Right Choice for you?

To decide whether Penji is the right graphic design tool for you, check the following points:

  1. Does Penji’s subscription plan match your budget?
  2. Are you satisfied with the working hours that Penji offers?
  3. Does Penji offer the services and features that you want for your business?
  4. How many revisions and requests does Penji allow?
  5. What is the turnaround time of Penji?

If Penji answers all the above questions, it is your go-to option.

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