Design Pickle vs Penji – Which One is Better?

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When comparing the features of Penji and Design Pickle, we’d go with Penji. They offer a better portfolio and provide more options, including web design. However, if you are looking for automation like Zapier or API integration, Design Pickle is the best path for you. 

To help you make a clear decision, we’ve created this detailed guide on Design Pickle vs Penji. So, explore their features, services, and prices, then select the one that suits your requirements.

Quick Overview: “Design Pickle vs Penji”


Penji is an on-demand subscription-based graphic design company that delivers unlimited services and upgrades your working strategy. They charge a fixed monthly fee and provide a 30-day money-back guarantee in case of a negative experience. 

With talented graphic designers, Penji helps businesses solve their pricy mistakes and gives efficient solutions for social media graphics, website designs, or logo designs. Further, they deliver all projects with high-quality designs within a 24–48 hour turnaround time.

Penji design samples

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Design Pickle

Like Penji, Design Pickle is a graphic design platform that provides unlimited services. This company requests a monthly subscription fee. Design Pickle helps businesses simplify the design procedure and delivers high-quality, affordable, and reliable designs.

Design Pickle design samples

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Design Pickle vs Penji (Features, Services, Pricing and Reviews) 


PenjiDesign Pickle
Turnaround in 24 to 28 hours
Unlimited revisions
Unlimited design requests
Team collaboration
Human support
You’ll own the complete set of files
Real-time Slack collaboration
Sync your existing workflow with Design Pickle using Zapier
Unlimited designs requests
Unlimited revisions
Same-day turnarounds (with Pro and premium subscription)
1- 2 day turnarounds with Graphic Design Essentials subscription 
Ongoing support


Penji Design Pickle
Branding: pitch decks and logos
Digital: banners, social media content, and digital ads
Custom UX/UI: app and web designs
Illustrations: custom and typography
Merch sellers: T-shirts and promotional materials
Marketing: flyers, business cards, infographics and sales sheets
Print: books, labels, magazines, packaging, stationeries
Promotional graphics, email graphics, and social media graphics
Logo help
Custom typography and icons
Simple infographics and advanced infographics
Static ads and graphics
T-shirt designs, brochures, and flyers
Promotional designs
Packaging, labels, and landing page designs
Original branding and logos
GIF animations
Photo to vector conversion
Merch illustrations, illustrated manuals,  illustrated logos, and storybook illustrations
Custom Logos
Blueprints (tracing)


Design PicklePenji
Graphics: (Perfect starter plan for basic design necessities)

Monthly = 499 USD
Annually = 5,988 USD

Graphics Pro:(For all design needs, including presentations)

Monthly = 995 USD
Annually = 11,940 USD

Graphics Premium:(Ultimate creative plan to level up your content)

Monthly = 1695 USD
Annually = 20,340 USD
STARTER:(Best for Startups & SMBs) 

Monthly = $499 

MARKETER:(Perfect solution for Marketers)

Monthly = $995 

AGENCY:(Best plan for Agencies to expand their team and outsource client projects)

Monthly = $1497

For more pricing details, visit their official website: Penji / Design Pickle.


Nowadays, everyone is more likely to turn to online reviews to check the credibility and reliability of a company before investing. Therefore, we’ve gathered some customer reviews to help you decide wisely. Let’s have a look.

Design Pickle: (Overall Ratings = 4/5)

Penji: (Overall Ratings = 4.7/5)

Design Pickle vs Penji – Pros And Cons

Design Pickle They deliver your design on the same day or 1 – 2 day turnaround.

Design Pickle provides a 14-day money-back customer satisfaction guarantee.

They have different features and pricing to serve your requirements. 
They consider revisions as new requests that reduce the number of subscription deliveries available for a month.

Their basic plan has some limitations. They do not include infographics, website design, logo design, and motion design.
Penji This platform is free from hidden fee issues.

They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Their customer support is outstanding.

Penji provides a quick turnaround within 24 to 48 hours.

Your designs are unrestricted on their dashboard through shareable links.

In addition, Penji offers a program for non-profit organizations, including unlimited services for just $1/month.
A Penji Subscription is helpful when you have approximately ten designs per month.

Communication with designers is possible through email or the Penji dashboard.


1. Which platform is easy to use “Penji” or “Design Pickle”?

Ans: Design Pickle and Penji both use their own project management systems. They don’t use any third-party software. The communication or file exchanges are all done on their platform. So, this approach makes it easier for both platforms to view the files and centralize everything.

2. Which stands out as the better option in terms of design scope: Design Pickle or Penji?

Ans: When it comes to Design scope, Penji is much better than Design Pickle. Penji can make Web templates in PSD, which makes it suitable for those using WordPress and looking for a specific theme design.

3. Which service, Penji vs Design Pickle, provides overall good design quality? 

Ans: If you look at their portfolio, you can notice that the beauty and quality of their designs are equal. So, it’s difficult to choose between them, but if we had to select one, we would pick Penji as a winner. However, it is all about color and taste. Maybe you consider Design Pickle as a better option.

Design Pickle vs Penji – Which One Should You Prefer?

Design Pickle and Penji both offer unlimited graphic design services for small to large businesses. So, the selection ultimately relies on your specific requirements, conditions, and preferences.

If you want a wide range of design styles, a scalable pricing structure, and quick turnaround times, Penji might be a suitable option for your company. But, if you like a minimalistic and modern design style associated with a steadfast support system, Design Pickle might be your perfect path. 

Overall, choosing a suitable graphic design service is essential for attracting your target audience and building a good brand identity. Therefore, consider your specific design preferences, requirements, and budget to make a smart choice that matches your business objectives.

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