Why is WordPress Hosting So Expensive? Detailed Guide

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When we talk about web hosting WordPress strikes the mind instantly. Although WordPress provides everything a blogger is looking for, at the same time it is the most expensive option at hand!

Wondering why WordPress Hosting is so expensive? Let’s find it out in the coming section and by the end you’ll have a detailed answer to your question.

8 Reasons Why WordPress Hosting is So Expensive

Now various companies provide generic hosting for websites but as we said earlier, WordPress has its own CMS with specific features which makes it an expensive choice. Let’s explore them one by one.

1. Scalability 

The first reason why WordPress Hosting is so expensive is due to scalability. No matter what the size of your website and its users, WordPress offers you seamless scalability. You can start with a lower expected number of visitors and then scale your website as your website grows. 

To ensure a smoother experience, blog owners have to pay a little higher to WordPress.

2. Performance

When it comes to performance, nothing can beat WordPress Hosting which makes it our following reason.

A WordPress user gets the following features for their subscription.

a. Containerized Environment

WordPress provides a containerized environment hence other users or websites do not impact the performance of your website. As it is a big problem in shared hosting.

b. Better Search Engine Optimization

To run a successful business, you need a good SEO. WordPress provides inbuilt optimizations to give you better search engine optimization, hence increasing your website ranking and better results.

c. Reliable Data Centers

WordPress hosting is reliable. They have data centres all over the world with backup support. WordPress also provides content delivery networks (CDNs) to ensure performance and lower loading times.

d. Adaptive Media

WordPress provides support for various media like HD images and 4k video support to ensure the media is loaded optimally to your website users.

3. Customization 

Following reason is customization which allows the user to have functionality in their own way.

a. Dashboard

The WordPress dashboard provides access to the hosting settings itself. You do not need to separate the website and hosting settings separately.

wordpress inside screenshot
WordPress screenshot

b. Plugins

You can customise your website and enhance the features of your website with thousands of plugins available. There are SEO plugins and security plugins. You can enhance both the website itself and the backend features by just installing plugins. In case you can not find a suitable plugin you can hire a developer to write your plugins.

4. User-Friendly Interface 

WordPress has a user-friendly interface than other hosting websites, anyone can manage and run a website without having a technical background. They provide an easy interface so that the complex idea of hosting doesn’t seem much more daunting.

5. Security

Do you still think why is WordPress hosting so expensive? Let’s understand another reason!

It is common knowledge that WordPress websites get attacked by phishing and other scams. WordPress itself is aware of the problem and is working continuously to ensure the security of their websites. They have managed malware protection as well as site logs which ensure your data and website safety.

WordPress ensures your important data does not get lost or attacked by malware. This is why they charge for this feature as well!

6. Backup data centers

What if for some reason you lose your important website data? It’s the worst nightmare for bloggers which is why WordPress offers state of the art backup facilities making it another reason for high cost.

WordPress has 28 data centers throughout the world and comprehensive caching infrastructure; therefore, you should not worry about your website being down for technical hosting errors. 

WordPress also provides a backup system so that you always have a backup available, be it a security attack or a bug due to the technical revamping of the website. 

7. Technical support 

a. Import

You can import your website from other hosts very easily. So if you have a running website you don’t have to start from scratch or redo the website you can just use the import option and your website is ready to go with WordPress hosting.

b. Plan Switching

As you know WordPress offers plans according to your needs, so let’s say you are running a blog and you need to integrate an e-commerce shop into it. You can easily switch from a creator to entrepreneur plan to fulfil your needs. You can also scale your website according to your traffic.

c. Payment Options

WordPress offers multiple local and international options to pay for the subscriptions. For example, as we know China has a payment system AliPay, and WordPress provides Alipay support for its Chinese market. They also support WeChat pay and Giropay in Germany.

d. Integrated GitHub

WordPress provides GitHub integration, hence it’s easier for you to version control your website.

8. Customer Support 

WordPress provides email and live chat support to its customers. There are also a large number of forums around the internet that can help you with your WordPress-related problems. So if you are stuck in any way both WordPress and its users got you.  

While every hosting server provides customer support, it isn’t as robust as WordPress. That’s why this option is expensive


WordPress is the leading hosting server globally with more than 810 million websites in 2024. The features users get here are exclusive and robust than other hosting channels which is why WordPress Hosting is so expensive.

Hopefully now you’ve got the answer of the high price for WordPress.


  1. Why is WordPress hosting so expensive?

WordPress provides platform-specific services and support, hence their high prices.

  1. Is WordPress hosting worth the price?

WordPress hosting is 100% worth the price because of the quality of services available.

  1. Can I switch to WordPress hosting easily?

Yes, it is extremely easy to import and export your website from one hosting to another.

  1. Which hosting is better for my WordPress website?

WordPress hosting provides the best performance with a WordPress-based website 

  1. What if I don’t like WordPress hosting?

You can easily refund your money and switch to another hosting service.

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