How Much WordPress Hosting Cost to Run a Website?

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Running a website may seem convenient due to the free WordPress platform but hosting is something really important in determining the total cost. To answer how much WordPress hosting costs cannot be put in a simple sentence. Some WordPress hosting will cost $5-$10 while others will take up to hundreds.

To figure out how much it will cost your pocket depends on several factors which we will discuss coming up. And by the end of this post, you’ll have a clear idea about cost evaluation.

7 Factors Determining WordPress Hosting Cost

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The following 7 factors determine your cost evaluation for WordPress hosting.

1. Type of Website

Determining how much WordPress hosting costs depends highly on the type of your website. This is actually the most important aspect upon which the whole discussion is based. For instance, if you own an e-commerce website which usually requires enough resources to function seamlessly.

Well known e-commerce websites have high traffic and web hosting consistently ensures stability which takes high resources and budget. Contrary to this, a personal or portfolio website won’t be required so much resources therefore a shared hosting plan is suitable.

2. Hosting Type

WordPress hosting is of three types that determine your total cost.

Shared Hosting:

Shared hosting is the cheapest type of hosting that costs $5/month. However, it comes with hidden challenges because it requires manual optimization. Plus, your website will load slowly as the resources are being shared among numerous websites consistently.

 Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated or VPS hosting is more reliable than shared because here your website will have dedicated resources that won’t be shared with others. Will cost around $20/month.

Managed Hosting

The most premium WordPress hosting type provides a seamless function to the website and helps you get the highest resources during peak site hours. This means the more efficient hosting type you select, the more money it’ll cost.

3. Resources Available

The following are three main resources that directly impact the functioning of the website.


Nobody wants to visit a website that loads slowly and has poor performance. For a seamless and efficient performance, you’ll need many resources which means paying more. So if you’re on a budget, there is a possibility you’ll get a poor user interface.


If you have a decent amount of traffic and have around 100s of visitors per hour then it’ll require high resources. Scalable websites ensure smooth transition of data on site visitor’s computers.


Uptime/Reliability is another important aspect of the success of a website. You probably don’t want your website to go down which is why a reliable resource is preferred for professional blogs. Budget-friendly options might seem viable but they’re not reliable. Hence reliable hosting will take little more from your pocket.

4. Number of Websites

The number of websites you’re expecting to run on your WordPress hosting is also a big factor determining your total cost evaluation. Often, you’ve seen advertisements of “Unlimited Websites” which in reality is just a fantasy. For instance, if you’re using shared hosting which is already shared will further get low if run more than one website.

Similarly performance, security, management, and optimization will require more resources. This is where you have to figure out your expected number of websites and hosting plan to get optimal functioning and efficiency.

5. Security

While the world is getting digital rapidly the fear of hacking, attacks and cyber issues are of serious concern. This makes it highly important for business and professional website owners to adopt efficient security measures to protect sensitive data and prevent future threats.

Modern WordPress hosting solutions offer highly dedicated security solutions like SSL certificates, DDoS attack, timely backups and efficient monitoring. In other words if your website requires such security measures then your hosting plan will cost extra. Similarly, it isn’t so mandatory to arrange security measures for personal blogs.

6. Customer Support

No matter if you have a tech background or not, you won’t be able to handle everything on your own. In such a situation you need customer support from your hosting provider which is another factor to determine your hosting cost.

A more professional and giant WordPress hosting provider has efficient customer support to communicate at earliest. You can’t expect this facility out of a chosen plan of $10/month. For that, you’ll require more.

7. Features

Features can also impact significantly on your hosting budget. There are some features which are pretty common in every WordPress hosting like themes, plugins. However some additional features like timely backups, new themes, updates, and customized dashboards will have additional cost.

While choosing the plan, see what features you are getting and how it will benefit your website. Many users buy hosting with unnecessary features which are against their actual requirement.


Aforesaid factors play a crucial role in determining how much WordPress hosting costs. Running a website requires several essential steps among which choosing right WordPress hosting is on top.

Make sure to consider all of these factors to decide your hosting plan and subscription charges accordingly.

FAQs about WordPress Hosting

1. How much does a 5-page WordPress website will cost?

It will cost between $500-$1000 for a basic 5-page website.

2. Is Shopify better than WordPress?

Shopify hosting is more business focused hosting while WordPress can do more than that.

3. Is WordPress the best for SEO?

Yes, WordPress hosting helps your blog rank higher in Google SERP which is why it is considered as the best CMS management hosting website.

4. Is WooCommerce free for WordPress?

The core platform is free however the additional features will cost.

5. How much uptime is required for a website?

A website hosting must offer 99.9% uptime to get viable results.

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