What is WordPress Hosting GoDaddy? Everything You Need to Know!

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Starting a website seems tempting and lucrative but it comes with a little challenge when it comes to hosting. To simply answer what WordPress hosting GoDaddy is, it’s a web hosting service that helps a website run seamlessly in Google.

Now the question is who should get GoDaddy WordPress hosting for a website and how is it better than others? For this, we’ve included everything in this blog post that you need to know.

What is GoDaddy WordPress Hosting?

Before we tell you the insights of GoDaddy WordPress hosting, it’s better to give you a brief about GoDaddy itself.

GoDaddy is a website builder platform that helps people create their e-commerce website, personal or portfolio blog. Overall, it’s a tool to create your website. But!

The story isn’t just limited here, GoDaddy is the leading domain registrar by which 78 million people have purchased their names. Moreover, it is globally known for its robust content management system making it a go-to choice of majority site owners.

Now that what was the basic introduction about GoDaddy,

GoDaddy also offers hosting services for site owners just like WordPress. Any site owner who has a WordPress website can now do hosting by GoDaddy as well. Hence, GoDaddy provides a one-step solution for its users.

Go-to Features of WordPress Hosting GoDaddy

Although every site hosting server provides the same basic facilities to site owners which leads to confusion. That’s why we’ve only focused on the go-to features of GoDaddy WordPress hosting.

Best for Beginners

One of the attractive features we found on GoDaddy, is that it’s highly dedicated for beginners. The number of newcomers looking for user-friendly website options is increasing consistently and GoDaddy is a savior for them all.

Even if the users don’t have technical background they can still operate and manage their website easily. The dashboard, themes, and plug-ins are user-friendly which makes GoDaddy WordPress hosting suitable for beginners.

Reliable Uptime

The success of a website (especially an e-commerce website) depends a lot on its uptime. GoDaddy hosting claims to provide 99.9% uptime. Upon analysis, GoDaddy was found stable at around 99.7% which gives it another point over other hosting servers.

It remains active with the most updated resources that help the website load quickly. Similarly, high bandwidth transfers data in a glimpse even in peak traffic. These aspects play an integral role in attracting potential customers by offering seamless performance.

Extensive Security Measures

Cyber attacks, hacking, malware, etc. are some of the serious concerns in the digital age. Even the big websites have nightmares of security threats that’s why site owners pay special attention to the security features of hosting servers.

That’s why GoDaddy has paid special attention to its security measures and offers some solid robust protection to websites. From SSL certificates to anti-spamming and DDoS protection, GoDaddy takes extensive security measures to save site owners from any hassle.

Advantages for Site Owners


Here are the following advantages GoDaddy WordPress hosting has for you.

Speedy Performance

This hosting server makes your website function on an optimal level that enhances the overall performance. It fastens the load time and quickly transfers data due to high bandwidth among site visitors.

Efficient Support

Websites often come across problems that can only be resolved by technical support. This is why efficient support is the requirement of every site owner which is the next benefit you’ll get from GoDaddy. Their support infrastructure is robust and always remains available for instant help.

Robust Security:

GoDaddy takes active involvement in the website’s safety through integrated security features. It conducts daily malware scans and swiftly removes every threat or attack. This proactive approach ensures that your site remains resilient against potential security breaches.

Reliable Uptime:

Users get perfect site availability with a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Site owners can relax so that their website won’t face unnecessary downtime due to server maintenance. We prioritize the seamless functioning of your site, providing you with a reliable online presence.

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Web Hosting Plans of GoDaddy

There are different hosting plans with various features to meet your website requirements. Let’s take a look at each of them

Basic Plan

It’s the first and the most suitable for those new to WordPress. If you’re looking for a simple yet awesome blog with productive features then this plan is for you. If you’re just getting started, this plan provides what you need without overwhelming you.

Deluxe Plan:

Next, we have is Deluxe plan which is recommended for high traffic. As your website grows and attracts more visitors, the Deluxe plan steps in. It’s designed for expanding websites that need to handle increased traffic. This plan ensures your growing site has the resources it requires.

Ultimate Plan:

The Ultimate plan is the most popular choice. It offers unlimited storage and the maximum resources available. It’s ideal for those who want a robust plan for 1-2 websites. If you’re aiming for more features and capabilities, this plan has got you covered.

E-commerce Plan:

If you’re looking to set up an online store using WordPress, the E-commerce plan is tailored for you. It provides unlimited storage and handles unlimited visitors, just like the Ultimate plan. What makes it unique is the automatic installation of WooCommerce and additional tools specifically designed to assist you in setting up your online store. This plan is perfect for those who want to sell products on their website.

Each plan caters to different needs, ensuring you can choose the one that best fits your goals and the stage of your website.

To check more details, please visit GoDaddy’s website.


WordPress Hosting is evolving with every passing day which puts beginners in the hassle of choosing the right hosting. GoDaddy is a go-to server for millions of websites and from the above post you’ve seen why. If you’re planning to get a GoDaddy hosting, make sure to select the plan most suitable for your requirements.

But if you’re just starting out, it is suggested to first go for the basic plan and then upgrade with time as per need.

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