Kimp vs Penji – Which One Should You Select?

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Kimp and Penji both platforms offer excellent design services. They deliver some amazing features like web design & automation and offer free trials as well.

To guide you more appropriately, we’ve created this blog on Kimp vs Penji so that you can have a detailed comparison of their features, services, and overall value. So, explore their differences, advantages, and costs, then decide which suits you best. 

An Overview: ‘Kimp vs Penji’


Kimp stands as a premium subscription-based graphic design platform established in 2003. This platform provides outstanding design services by focusing on finding wise and efficient solutions to design challenges. 

They also offer Zapier integrations, various standard designs, and affordable monthly plans with a free trial of 7 days. 

Kimp website sample design


Penji is an on-demand graphic design company that provides unlimited services and a better working strategy. They demand a fixed monthly fee and offer a customer satisfaction (money-back) guarantee in case of a bad experience. 

This platform holds talented graphic designers who help businesses crack their expensive mistakes and give the best solutions for website designs, social media graphics, or logo designs. 

In addition, Penji has created eye-catching visuals for some of the well-known brands, such as Uber, UPS, CVS, Best Buy, and more.

Penji website sample design

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Kimp vs Penji: A Side-by-Side Analysis

Below, we’ve created a side-by-side comparison of Kimp and Penji. Let’s have a look.


Turnaround in 24-28 hours
Unlimited revisions and design requests
You’ll own the total set of files
Team collaboration
Human support
Unlimited revisions
Unlimited requests
Unlimited brands
24/7 customer support
Fee-free collaboration


Penji Kimp
Penji Provides the following services:

Branding → pitch decks and logos
Illustrations → custom and typography
Digital → banners, digital ads, and social media content
Merch sellers → T-shirts and promotional materials
Custom UX/UI → app and web designs
Marketing → infographics, flyers, business cards, and sales sheets
Print → packaging, books, magazines, labels, and stationeries
Kimp contains the following services:

Add unlimited team members
No contract
24-hour turnaround for graphics
2-4-day turnaround for video
4-active requests 
Dedicated project manager
Dedicated design and video team
Source files
Free stock images, videos, and audio 
Includes Canva designs
Includes print and digital designs
Includes website, app, and UI designs 
Includes custom illustrations, GIFS, and NFT designs 
Kimp360 design management

Comparison Result: 

Kimp and Penji both platforms possess different services and cover different business requirements. However, Kimp stands out with its video design services. It means Kimp is a one-stop shop for all your graphic design necessities.

On the other hand, if you want high-quality graphic design services, such as UX/UI designs, custom graphics, or print materials, and don’t want video design services, then Penji is your go-to option. 

User Interface

Choosing a graphic design company is like hiring some remote team members. They are like a crucial part of your team even though they are not physically present. As a result, you have to work with them regularly, and the way you decide to communicate holds importance.

Therefore, when selecting a graphic design company, check what user interface they offer.

Kimp User Interface

Kimp uses Trello for communication. In case you’re unfamiliar, the Trello website acts like a digital project board. This website helps you create small tasks and massive, layered projects and allows you to share them with your group. It’s the third-party interface that Kimp depends on to receive projects.

Penji User Interface

Penji does not use a third-party interface. They complete your projects directly via their custom platform. As a first-time user, you don’t feel anything impossible or too complicated to learn. Also, you can view your current, on-hold, or draft projects straight on your profile.

Comparison Result: 

Penji owns a better interface. Trello is also a good website, but as third-party software, it can be complicated for some users. On the other hand, Penji’s simplistic platform requires no learning curve. 


According to Trustpilot customer reviews, Penji has 4.7/5 overall ratings, while Kimp has 4.8/5. Let’s have a look.

Penji (Overall Ratings = 4.7/5)

Penji customer review screenshot
Penji customer review screenshot
Penji customer review screenshot

Kimp (Overall Ratings = 4.8/5)

Kimp customer review screenshot
Kimp customer review screenshot
Kimp customer review screenshot


STARTER:(Perfect for startups plus small or medium businesses) 

Monthly → $499 

MARKETER:(Best option for marketers)

Monthly → $995 

AGENCY:(For Agencies to grow their team and outsource customer projects)

Monthly → $1497
GRAPHICS:(for large campaigns and day-to-day graphic design needs)

Monthly → $299.50

VIDEO:(For motion graphics and video designs) 

Monthly → $349.50

GRAPHICS + VIDEO:(Provide everything available in Kimp graphics and Kimp video plan)

Monthly → $497.50

Pros and Cons of Kimp & Penji

Penji Penji is free from hidden fee problems.
This platform offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.
They provide a quick turnaround within 24-48 hours.
Their customer support is outstanding.
You can access your designs available on Penji’s dashboard through shareable links.
Additionally, Penji runs a program for non-profit organizations. This program includes unlimited services for only $1 per month.
Penji is best to subscribe when you have ten designs per month.
You can only communicate with designers via email and the Penji dashboard.
Kimp Kimp is an affordable option.
They work on three tasks at once.
This platform provides multiple video editing services.
Choosing Kimp is only worth it when you need design work consistently.
Their custom illustrations take four or five days.
Kimp is only available in English.

Kimp or Penji – Which One to Choose?

Kimp and Penji both contain endless graphic design services, best for small to large organizations. But, the choice ultimately depends on your specific requirements, preferences, and conditions.

If you want a broad range of graphic designs, including UX/UI designs, custom graphics, or print materials, Penji might be a perfect choice for your business. However, if you need the best video editing services and an affordable price plan, go with Kimp.

So, consider your design preferences, needs, and expenses, then select the one that meets your desired business objectives.

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