How to Find Clients as a Freelance Graphic Designer?

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How to Find Clients as a Freelance Graphic Designer?

If you are reading this, you are probably a new freelance graphic designer looking to start an online career. First, let me tell you that freelance is a rewarding career. Freelancers offer their services on projects choosing their routine to deliver it. As a new graphic designer, it is quite overwhelming to search for clients. It takes time to learn the skill of finding clients. Skills are acquirable, and the good news is that you can also learn these skills. But you must remember that you need to put 100% effort to find clients for your new business.

 1. Identify Your Expertise as Graphic Designer


In the start, you cannot be multi-dimensional with limited experience. Instead, you should be one-dimensional in defining your skills. By defining and enhancing your expertise you can target a specific category. Then based on the identified category you can look for avenues to find potential clients. You will become more valuable to clients as you develop more expertise in your service area.

 2. Create Your Portfolio

As a freelance graphic designer never underestimate the importance of a portfolio. Customers do not know what you can do for them. You must display your potential through a well-defined portfolio. Present your best work to your audience highlighting your expertise. Use online design portfolios platforms like Behance or WordPress to create a portfolio. Remember that in the freelance industry, your portfolio is your best marketing tool.

 3. Get Referrals

As you go on to complete projects for your clients, try to get referrals to new potential customers. Ask you’re satisfied clients to give you reviews on your freelance platforms. Even if you get a client a through any other medium, provide them referrals to build confidence. Your referrals will have more weight than the words you say about your skills. Relationship building is important to get genuine and positive reviews from your clients.

 4. Make Your Presence on Social Media

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Use online platforms like Instagram and Facebook to make your presence online. Create a professional profile and post informative details in your bio. Post a glimpse of your recent works. Keep your audience engaged with felicitations on special occasions. Try to get their attention with interesting questions related to your field. Update them about how you approach your work and tackle issues. Ride on potential trends and use hashtags to promote your work.

 5. Create a Profile on Freelance Platforms

For a new freelancer, the best place to start is freelance platforms. Use platforms like fiver, Upwork, Freelancer, and Toptal to get your clients. Thousands of projects are posted on daily basis on these platforms in every category. Known graphic designing agencies now, once started work on these platforms. Create your profile and keep the details updated. Try to stay online to respond immediately to potential opportunities. Try to manage work on time and with quality. Request your existing customers to provide you with a review of your services.

 6. Join Industry Relevant Social Media Groups

There are several groups on social media related to graphic design. Designers come together to share their work. They promote each other and discuss specific issues for seeking guidance from peers. Customers also join such groups to seek potential services. You can look for posts seeking services which your offer. The customers can also approach you for a project.

 7. Do Partnerships with Other Freelance Graphic Designers

In the start, it is also helpful to partner with other designers. You will have a steady flow of work from such networks. It will help you to build your expertise and portfolio with completed projects. Collaborate with them on social media as well. In this way, their audience can also see your work. This will also help you in networking with talent seekers.

 8. Create your LinkedIn Profile

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LinkedIn is known as Facebook for professionals. By creating a professional profile, you can come into the radar of potential clients. You should in detail explain your graphic designing expertise and experiences. You must link your portfolio with your LinkedIn profile. Also, link all the social media accounts with your profile. Talk about your professional experience and try to educate your audience as well. People will start following you and your network will increase. They may even approach you for a particular work related to your design skills. Keep your profile updated as it will help your clients in searching your name via a search engine.

 9. Promote your Gig on Different Platforms

It is your responsibility to market yourself. Make use of online platforms by promoting your gig to find clients. Join Facebook groups to promote your services. Update regularly your LinkedIn profile and your accomplishments. Be it a new skill acquired or recently completed a project. Post on social media accounts your latest designs. Join Quora to answer your industry-specific questions to show your knowledge. Nowadays there are every industry-specific platforms. Join them to promote your gig.



Note that the freelance industry is all due to the internet. You need to keep your presence online to get a steady number of clients. By developing an online networking plan, you can ensure regular work. Develop a regular networking plan to market yourself as a freelance graphic designer. Do not undermine the relationships as it will help you a lot in getting a long way in your freelance career. Online presence and networks will help you in finding clients related to your skills.


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