What is the Best Website Host for Photographers?

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best website host for photographers

For photographers, they need a website to display their creativity and artwork, and choosing a website is a daunting task if you have no prior experience. This is where professional guidance is required.

Do you wonder, what is the best website host for photographers? The best website host is the one that resonates with photography requirements. And high storage capacity along with bandwidth is the ultimate requirement for a photography website. 

Therefore, we’ve gathered the top 10 photography website hosts that you can select.

Check them out as follows,


Format website screenshot

The following name is Format which offers special online space made just for photographers, designers, and creative people. It’s designed to meet the unique needs of photographers in particular.

With Format, you get all the important things for putting your website on the internet, like registering your own website address. Plus, they give you tools to help you tell more people about your work and grow your online presence.

Click here to see their plans.


SmugMug website screenshot

SmugMug is a fantastic platform for keeping, showcasing, and even selling photos online. What’s great about it is that the plans are super flexible and cater to both professional photographers and those who just enjoy taking pictures for fun.

Unlike Hostinger, which covers all aspects of website hosting, SmugMug is exclusively focused on handling your photo collection.

It ensures your photos are well-kept and accessible, but it doesn’t offer as much control over how your website looks compared to some other hosting services.

Check out their website to get the best deal


Hostinger website screenshot

Here we have the first most common web hosting on our list. Hostinger is really good for photographers because it gives enough space and doesn’t limit how many people can visit your site.

Even for big-picture files, the website will still load quickly because of a special feature called LiteSpeed caching.

Here are the go-to features you’ll find in Hostinger,

  •     Automated backups
  •     LiteSpeed caching
  •     Optimized for WooCommerce
  •     Drag-and-drop website builder
  •     AI website creation
  •     Malware scanner
  •     Web Application Firewall (WAF
  •     Unlimited bandwidth
  •     100 GB SSD storage with the cheapest plan
  •     Free SSL
  •     Free Domain
  •     Free CDN (with Business plan)

 For more information and plans, click here


Pixpa website screenshot

If you want the best web hosting for photographers, Pixpa is your go-to choice. They have a cool portfolio builder with over 150 awesome templates and an easy-to-use visual site builder catering to photographers’ requirements efficiently.

The best thing is that Pixpa is perfect for selling things like products, services, and digital files. It helps you handle orders, shipping, and taxes, and you can even make the checkout experience match your brand.

Features include,

  •     Over 150 responsive templates
  •     Powerful visual editor
  •     Client galleries (where clients can view, download, and purchase your photos)
  •     Sell images as prints and downloads
  •     Automated order fulfillment
  •     Branded checkout page
  •     24/7 live chat

 In short, Pixpa gets you cover with everything


500px website screenshot

With 500px, you can be part of a big group of over 16 million photographers. You get to make your own profile on the website. After that, you can share your photo collections, follow other people, and show your appreciation by liking their pictures.

Some of its top features include,

  •     Advanced Statistics
  •     Editor’s Choice
  •     Photo challenges to test your skills and win prizes
  •     500px Licensing
  •     Unlimited photo
  •     Pulse algorithm gets your photos seen by the right people
  •     Portfolio website
  •     Profile builder


Wix website screenshot

Wix is a really popular tool for building websites, and it’s awesome for photographers who need web hosting. The neat part is, that you can start your website easily and fast by choosing from over 900 templates that you can make your own.

Here are the following features you’ll find on Wix,

  •     Built-in analytics
  •     Sync projects from Dribble, Instagram, Google Art, and more
  •     Automatically build a Contact List
  •     Scheduling software
  •     Image Resizer
  •     Wix Logo Maker
  •     Custom domain


Bluehost website screenshot

The following name is Bluehost which is a well-known company that provides web hosting, especially for WordPress. Most of their plans, except the basic one, give you unlimited hosting, which is great if you have a lot of pictures on your website.

This makes it also a viable option for photographers seeking a website with decent features.

Bluehost works well with WordPress, and as you become more comfortable with building websites, you can use WordPress to add even more features to your site.

Here are the following features of Bluehost,

  • Offer free domain
  • Checklist
  • Pre-installed WordPress
  • Friendly user-interface

Check out their website


SiteGround website screenshot

SiteGround is a top-notch provider that’s super easy to use and performs well, regardless of the plan they provide. It’s great for businesses and offers extra tools to make your photography site successful.

In a nutshell, SiteGround is a high-quality choice. It provides extra security, reliable power, and a user-friendly control panel. The plans come with everything you need to create a beautiful photography website.

Features include,

  • High-end functionality and performance
  • High-security features
  • Friendly user management interface
  • The premium option provides enhanced features


HostPapa website screenshot

If you’re looking for an experienced web host then you should check out HostPapa as it has been in the web hosting game for a while. Although it might not be as famous as Bluehost or Hostinger however, reviews about HostPapa can be a bit mixed, but it still earns a spot on the list of top web hosting providers for photographers because it’s easy to use and has comprehensive plans.

Here are the following features you’ll get on HostPapa

  • Beginner favored
  • Offer free domain
  • Reliable for smaller portfolio website

 Click here to get more information about them


HostGator website screenshot

HostGator is another super popular web hosting option. All their shared hosting plans come with unlimited storage and bandwidth. This makes it a fantastic choice for hosting photography websites with lots of pictures. Plus, it’s designed for beginners, so it’s really easy to use.

Hostgator can be a good choice for aspirant photographers looking for unlimited bandwidth and storage. Here are the following features you’ll find on HostGator

  • Speedy hosting
  • Offer access to website builder
  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited bandwidth


Photography is an art and art needs an appropriate platform for its display. Having the best website host can go a long way in your photography journey. 

One of the most important features to look for in a web host is storage and bandwidth. All the above-mentioned 10 web hosts have unlimited storage capacity and bandwidth to transmit data in a certain period. 

Hopefully, your question is, what is the best host for photographers? Have been answered.

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