Do’s and Don’ts in freelance Graphic Design Business

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Many graphic designers work with an agency or as freelance taking projects online. As they become good in their skills, they want to start their own online graphic design business. But it requires certain other skills to run the successful business.

As per a recent survey 8 out of 10 entrepreneurs fails in their startup in first 18 months. Surly you do not want to meet the similar outcome but how can you ensure that it does not happen. Let us tell you the do’s and don’ts of an online graphic design business that may help you in succeeding in business.

1. Do create a Graphic Design Business Plan

Do create a Graphic Design Business Plan

It is important to remember that you are now working as both graphic designer and business owner. It is important that you continue you graphic designing tasks as before. But also spent equal amount of time in developing your business. For that you need to do marketing and networking for your business. Create portfolio and market yourself on social media, let people know that you are open for business. Where possible run paid advertising to attract your customers.

2. Do find an advisor or mentor

Seek help of a mentor or advisor for your business. Being a good graphic designer is one thing but running a business is another. Mentor can help you in understanding business terms, marketing strategies and legal obligations. If he has similar freelance graphic design business like yours, he may can help you to learn the trade secrets. You will feel confident that there are people to whom you can turn back in case of any issue.


3. Do create a portfolio of your graphic design business

Since you are doing an online business, you should create a portfolio of you work. Portfolios are of great importance when it comes to online business. Customers prefer those freelancers who have proof of their work. In your portfolio you can show your created designs and completed projects. You can create a social media account like Instagram, or you can create a website. A portfolio is a must for online graphic designing business.

4. Do find your specialty

Graphic designing is a vast field. There are number of fields where different graphic designing skill set is demanded by the customers. The skillset includes branding, social media advertising, motion graphics, web designing etc. You should identify what sort of business you want to run. Once decided you should find ways to get specific skill related to your specialty.

5. Don’t under value your work

Don’t under value your work

It is important that you understand the accurate value of your work. Many entrepreneurs make mistakes by under quoting their work to get the projects in starting. This is a hassle to do work of value in low pay rate. Remember that you are running a business and there are certain expenses to it. Don’t drop you rate below the average rate of the market for your skill set. As it will bring dissatisfaction and demotivates you.

6. Don’t miss your commitments

Be professional in your work and keep your commitments. If you can’t do a job in certain pay rate, ask from your customer about their budget and request a raise. If you feel that certain task requires specific skills which you don’t have then don’t take the project. Don’t over commit if you don’t have the capacity to meet the timelines. Remember that fulfilled commitments will strengthen your relationships with your customers.

7. Don’t forget to invest in your business

When you are doing freelancing or working in a job setting you are only trading your skills for the hours you put in. But when running a business you need to spend money to keep your business afloat. It will need steady stream of money to market your services and running your operations. Don’t be complacent in spending the right amount of money which your business requires. Don’t lose your day job until your online designing business becomes sustainable.

8. Don’t lose hope

It takes courage to start the business, but it takes conviction to keep it running. In start, you may face setbacks where the potential customers refuse you the business. You may commit mistakes while taking decisions. You might face disappointment when you submit a work and customer rejects it. Don’t lose hope and remember all the entrepreneur faced similar condition when they first started their business. Rome was not built in one day and nor your business will become successful in single month. So, stay positive, remember why you are doing it and don’t lose hope.


This guide will help in sustaining you freelance graphic designing business. Graphic designing is wonderful skill to learn and pursue as business. Owning your own freelance online business helps you break the cycle of daily 9 to 5 routine. You can have a business while maintaining the lifestyle you want.

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